Trademe-Links, the e-commerce platform of Capstone Business Consulting has signed an agreement to work closely with the International Trade Facilitation Association to boost trade from Africa via e-commerce. It is no longer news that that having a functional online presence is essential to connecting with potential markets and being visible. Indeed, Covid-19 pandemic seems to have accelerated the need to have offline means of reaching chosen markets.

With this new alliance, Trademe-links is bringing more than 100 years of trade experience, combined with same from ITFA to ensure support businesses in Africa wishing to be visible and gain clients from global markets. With the ratification of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AcFTA), the African Continent is set to be the the largest free trade zone in the world. According to the African Union, the GDP of the continent is in excess of Three Trillion US Dollars ($3Trillion). This is a good time as any for African businesses to position for the global stage. One way to do so is to and register to become suppliers on the trade site. Another way is to join ITFA and gain continual support through training, market intelligence, networking, advocacy and other non-tariff based support.

There are many non-tariff barriers in Africa. ITFA is working to handle as many as we can and this initiative is one of such.

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