It is finally here.
We have been planning this for some time now. We are set to make it happen. But it cannot be without you.

What is this about? It is a chance to showcase your products and services to the worlds market through the Canadian global market-linkage opportunity. The visibility your products need is what we are set to provide. Yet, this window is opdn only for a little while. If you are interested, fill out the form, follow the instructions and we are set to see you in Canada.

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Here is some more information you should have as we make this journey.

The Canadian market for African trade is rising, although it is still modest compared to the US and EU. Canada purchased almost $6 billion in goods from Africa in 2022, which is about a $1 billion increase from their 2021 figures. Yet, this accounts for about1% of its total imports. None the less, this market has great development potential. The African market is growing rapidly, and Canada wants to deal more with it. Canada and Africa share democracy and human rights commitments.

Here are some reasons African businesses should trade with Canada:

The Canadian economy is solid. Development and economic strength characterize Canada. This suggests Canadians have significant disposable incomes and are eager to buy high-quality things. Canada is secure. Low crime and political stability characterize Canada. This makes doing business safe and reliable.

Trade is welcome in Canada. Canada has a free trade deal with the EU and is negotiating with China and India. This makes exporting to Canada easier for African companies. It also makes export from Canada into other markets easier.

Multicultural Canada. Multicultural Canada has many immigrants. Canadians are open to trying things from other cultures.

Trading with Canada has its drawbacks. Distance is a problem between Africa and Canada. Shipping products between continents can be costly and time-consuming. Canada’s limited population is another issue. This means the Canadian market for African products may be smaller than others. Despite these obstacles, the Canadian African commerce sector is promising. African business owners considering trading with Canada should assess the positives and cons.

Here is our advice for African companies interested in trading with Canada:

Know your stuff. Do your research and comprehend the Canadian market before trading there. This entails understanding Canadian customer preferences and regulations.

Partner locally. You may benefit from a Canadian partner to help you advertise and distribute your products.

Attend trade exhibitions and industry events. This is a terrific chance to meet Canadian customers and partners. This is what the “Made in Africa” trade show is about.

Market and promote. Promoting your products and services to Canadians is crucial.

Finally, Have patience. In any new market, company success requires time. Success takes time, so be patient. Meanwhile, do not mistake patience for inaction.

As an African entrepreneur you can succeed in Canada by following these suggestions. We look forward to hosting you and walking alongside you on this journey.

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